Hello, I am Jon Paul Robles.

My family and I reside in Youngstown, Ohio.

I co-pastor an amazing convergent community called, The Sacred Commons.

My wife Diana and I co-own SIMA343 LCC, a media group specializing in music production, digital cinematography, and post production.

Both Diana and I are graduates of Youngstown State University and Full Sail University, studying Film, Recording Arts, and Telecommunications.

As a mixer and musician I’ve been fortunate to have produced and engineered albums for local artists within the Youngstown community and abroad.

Some of the clients I’ve been able to create for include: Red Bull, DTS Sound (In collaboration with my good friend Dan Mizicko of Stuck In Ohio), Humility of Mary Health Partners, Youngstown State University, The McDonough Museum of Art, The Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, Broadway Records, “Getting The Word Out” National Broadcast, Victory Media Publishing, Dr. Michael K. Obeng of RESTORE, The Word Church and many others.

As a pastor, my spiritual pilgrimage has been a great adventure. I’m the son of a Classical Pentecostal preacher, raised by two great parents, Abel & Kathy – in church – all the time. My spiritual development was communal, via the kind of spiritual formation one receives from ecclesial osmosis. You could say the track I took was pretty typical for “committed” church kids; youth ministry into college ministry…and then in 2006 I was licensed into full-time ministry. Four years later, in 2010, I was ordained through CMI of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. A few years after that I was installed as the lead pastor of an evangelical / charismatic church in New Castle, Pa. It was the same church my father had pastored for about 40 years. Around 2014, however, I experienced what I can only call a renewal in my soul. Some call it a “water-to-wine” experience, where the contemplative / sacramental life drew me in. Pentecostal church boys are not usually taken with things like The Book of Common Prayer, The Eucharist, Liturgical Theology, etc… but I was. And so was Diana. Thanks to the most gracious and supportive  friends, we became oblates of neomonastic order; The Order of St. Anthony. Then in 2017, we were ordained into Holy Orders as deacons in The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches. The process was loaded with challenges, of course, but oh – how wonderful the journey has been, and we wouldn’t trade anything for it. We are a part of what is being called Convergent Christianity, sometimes referred to as Ancient-Future Faith. Call it whatever they may, we prefer to simply see it as “Christianity without false choices.” In other words, one does not have to only be a pentecostal or a sacramental christian. You can be both. Historically, many have. Like others in the current religious landscape of America, we left our natal tradition. But, we did not leave it all behind! We packed our ecclesial bags, went “looking for a city”, and are beyond grateful for the beautiful fellow pilgrims we’re meeting along the way.  Journey with us! TheSacredCommons.com